Thursday, February 7, 2013

PlainText Demo + Mini-Quest

After some heavy development of the past weeks, I have updated the demo world and created a little mini-quest to introduce the new functionality. But first let's see what's new:

  • Rooms have dynamic descriptions now, which include spatial relations. This started after a discussion on MudBytes.
  • Looking at items or portals can reveal other items or portals that are in close proximity.
  • Looking into arbitrary directions, and turning to directions is now properly supported and shows generated descriptions of whatever's nearby in the direction you're looking.
  • Some heavy updates to the map editor. Not visible on the demo server unless you got an admin account, but look at the screenshots to get an idea.
  • Lots of bugfixes.
Okay, now onto the mini-quest. Remember it's not really a quest with a storyline or anything else, it's just a little teaser to invoke some participation, give an idea of the new features, and gather feedback...

Alright, the demo world contains part of a little city called Middle Port. There's a city wall which you can get on top of after a little bit of effort. From the city wall you can see the roofs of various buildings, and you will be able to see a man on those roofs. Normally, this man is a little too far to see much details about, but nonetheless there is a way to get close-up view of him. If you manage to do this, you will be able to answer the following question: What's the sigil of the man on the roof? Anwers can be posted in the comments :)

If you've done the mini-quest, or maybe get stuck, I'd be interested to hearing your feedback! What did you like best about the experience? What did you like least about the experience? Specifically, how do you experience being able to see and hear events from other rooms? 


The demo server can be reached at

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  1. You said "The demo server can be reached at" and I was really excited but the website doesn't exist...